On July 13, 2021, the York Township Board of Commissioners approved a cable franchise agreement with Shentel Communications to provide fiber internet, phone, and television services within York Township.  In January 2022, Township staff met with Shentel representatives regarding extending Glo Fiber optic network services into the Township.  Shentel will be starting construction in the northern part of the Township in early summer and working south. Representatives from Glo-Fiber will be placing door hangers at the properties in each construction area prior to work commencing.  Shentel’s target is to reach 8,500 customers within the Township, providing options for high-speed internet, streaming TV, and fiber phone services.

if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Glo-Fiber directly via one of the following:

Send an email regarding construction to:

Send an email regarding service to Glo-fiber service at:

Call construction care at: 540-984-5510

Visit their website at: – For a link to a video explaining the project that will resolve many of the questions people have and for more information. There is also a web form on the link circled in blue that will create a ticket allowing the homeowner to add pictures.