Public Information Department

York Township Public Information Department is responsible for reviewing all Right to Know requests to the Township.

Pennsylvania’s New Right to Know Law

Governor Edward G. Rendell signed Act 3 of 2008 known as the new Right-To-Know law on February 14, 2008, fundamentally changing the way people access public records of their government.

The full law and other information is available from the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records

York Townships Public Records Policy

The York Township Board of Commissioners recognizes the importance of public records as the record of the Township’s actions and the repository of information about this Township. On December 9th 2008 the Board of Commissioners adopted the York Township Public Records Policy. The public has the right to access and procure copies of public records, with certain exceptions, subject to law, Board policy and administrative regulations.

Open Records Officer

As part of the Townships Public Records Policy the Township Manager designated Debbie Grove as the Open Records Officer. To contact the Public Records Officer select the link below.

Lisa Frye / Open Records Officer
190 Oak Road Dallastown, PA 17313
B 717-741-3861      F 717-741-5009
E-mail:  Open Records Officer

Alternate as Assigned
Alternate Open Records Officer
190 Oak Road Dallastown, PA 17313
B 717-741-3861
E-mail:  Open Records Officer

Request Forms

The following form must be completed and submitted to the Open Records Officer of all requesters for access to York Townships public records. See below for further information.

View the York Township Right to Know Request Form (PDF)

York Township’s Right to know request document must be viewed with the free Adobe Reader.

Public Requests Year to Date

The following is an Excel Spreadsheet that contains all requests year to date.

RIGHT-TO-KNOW-REQUESTS JAN-FEB 2023 – View the York Township Right to Know requests 2023-Year to Date

York Township’s right to know requests summary must be viewed with a program that is able to read Excel Spread sheets. If you can not open Excel files select the Download Viewer link to go to Microsofts support site.


Guidelines for requests are as follows:

  • Requesters may access and procure copies of the public records of the Township during regular business hours of the administration offices.
  • A requester’s right of access does not include the right to remove a record from the control of supervision of the Open Records Officer.
  • The Township shall not limit the number of records requested.
  • When responding to a request for access, the Township is not required to create a record that does not exist nor to compile, maintain, format or organize a record in a manner which the Township does not currently use.
  • Information shall be made available to individuals with disabilities in an appropriate format, upon request and with sufficient advance notice.


Request for Access

Request for Access must include the following:

  • A written request for access to a public record shall be submitted on the required form(s) above and addressed to the Open Records Officer.
  • Written requests may be submitted to the Township in person, by mail, to a designated facsimile machine, and via email to the Open Records Officer.

Each request must include the following information:

    • Identification for description of the requested record, in specific and sufficient detail to identify the record.
    • Medium in which the record is requested
    • Name and address of the individual to receive the Township’s response.
  • The Township shall not require an explanation of the reason for the request or the intended use of the requested record, unless otherwise required by law.

Response to a Request

Upon receiving a Request the following will occur:

  • Upon receipt of a written request for access to a record, the Open Records Officer shall determine if the requested record is a public record and if the Township has possession, custody or control of that record.
  • The Open Records Officer shall respond as promptly as possible under the existing circumstances, and the initial response time shall not exceed five (5) business days from the date the written request is received by the Open Records Officer.
  • The initial response shall grant access to the requested record; deny access to the requested record; partially grant and partially deny access to the requested record; notify the requester of the need for an extension of time to fully respond; or request more detail from the requester to clearly identify the requested material.
  • If the Township fails to respond to a request within the five (5) business days of receipt, the request for access shall be deemed denied.


Fees are as follows:

  • Except for the duplication fee established by the state, the Board shall approve a list of reasonable fees relative to requests for public records. The Township shall maintain a list of applicable fees and disseminate the list to requesters. See below for current fees.
  • No fee may be imposed for review of the record to determine whether the record is subject to access under law.
  • Prior to granting access, the Township may require prepayment of estimated fees when the fees required to fulfill the request are expected to exceed $100.

View the York Township Permits and Fees document