Building Permits

Preliminary Checklist for Building Permit

Call the Township Office for additional information regarding the Preliminary Checklist for Building Permit. This checklist must be submitted and completed with the building permit application.

Business Sign

All new business signs and replacements of existing signs require a building permit in order to verify all work is done in accordance with the building code and lighted signs are UL listed.  The building permit and supporting information must be submitted to the Zoning Officer to verify all zoning requirements are met before a building permit will be issued.

Please contact the Zoning Officer for more information.

Home Business

There are two types of home businesses, 1) No Impact Home Based Businesses which are those businesses that do not require any visitation by clients or customers and do not have a need for signage (i.e., businesses conducted via computer, bookkeeping, direct sales consultant, etc.), and 2) Home Occupations which are those that are primarily of a service nature (i.e., in-home daycare, hair/nail salon, photography studio, accountant, lawyer, etc.).  Home Occupations have specific regulations under the Zoning Ordinance and additional time and expense may be incurred if approval from the Zoning Hearing Board is required.

The York Township Zoning Ordinance requires all Home Businesses to be registered with the Township.  If you are operating a business from your home, you are required to file an application with the Township at the beginning of each year along with the annual fee of $25.

Download/View the Home_Business_Application

Please contact the Zoning Officer for more information.

Knox Boxes

Visit our knox box page for more information about this program.

Plumber’s License

In 1993 York Township adopted Resolution No. 93-2 requiring that all plumbing work performed within York Township be done by a York Township licensed plumber.  A licensed master plumber is required to apply for all plumbing permits.  Examples of work that can be done without a plumbing permit are the repair or replacement of existing plumbing fixtures (i.e., sink, faucet, toilet, etc.), clearing of stopped drains, and the replacement of a water heater as long as the energy source does not change.

Contact the Plumbing Inspector at the township administration office for additional information regarding the need for a plumbing permit for proposed work.

View the Plumbing Permit Application

 Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales are permitted by Seasonal Sales Permit issued by the Zoning Officer in the MRC, CO, CS and CI Districts, subject to the following:

  • Erection of a tent, canopy or other temporary structure may be allowed.
  • No Seasonal Sales shall be conducted for a period longer than thirty (30) consecutive days, and cumulative Seasonal Sales shall not be conducted for more than sixty (60) days in a calendar year.
  • The Seasonal Sales and display area shall be set back at least twenty-five (25) feet from all property lines and street rights-of-way.
  • The location of the sales and display area shall not restrict pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic flow on the lot.
  • The Seasonal Sales Permit shall be prominently displayed throughout the event.
  • Sales normally considered “street corner vending” is prohibited.
  • Signs erected on the property in conjunction with the event shall be considered temporary signs and shall be subject to the sign regulations of this Ordinance.
  • Fund raising activities by a not-for-profit organization or club are allowed. All regulations of this section shall apply to such Seasonal Sales, except subsection B.

Download/View Seasonal_Sales_Application

Street Cut

Download/View Blank Street cut permit

Temporary Use

Temporary uses are permitted upon the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit by the Zoning Officer.  Please contact the Zoning Officer for additional regulations pertaining to Temporary Uses.

Download/View Temporary_Use_Application

Transient Sales License

Any person, firm or corporation desiring to engage in a transient (door to door) retail business in York Township must first apply to the Township for a license.   Each person involved in door to door business in York Township must carry a “Permit for Soliciting  & Peddling” issued by the Township.

Please contact the Township offices for more information.

Yard Sale

Two yard sales are permissible per household in any twelve month period.  The maximum duration of each sale shall be two consecutive calendar days between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.  No yard sale may be held until a permit has been issued.  Yard sale permits may be obtained at the York Township administrative building at the Recreation office window between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at a cost of $5.00 per permit and are to be prominently displayed on the premises during the sale.  Yard sales being held which violate the provisions of this chapter are subject to a fine of no less than $25.00.