Ordinances and Studies

This section contains information about recent studies and Ordinances completed within the township. Included is The Code of the Township of York. 

Code of the Township of York

The Township Code contain currently effective legislation of a general and permanent nature enacted by the Township of York. Each piece of legislation has been included as a separate chapter, part or article.
The Code is divided into parts. Part I, Administrative Legislation, contains all Township legislation of an administrative nature, namely, that dealing with the administration of government, that
establishing or regulating municipal departments and that affecting officers and employees of the
municipal government and its departments. Part II, General Legislation, contains all other Township legislation of a regulatory nature.  The code found below is updated as of Supp l5C, dated Jun 2020. Subsequent undated since June 2020 are include below the Ordinance. 



 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Comprehensive Plan Update was adopted May 7, 2014 by Resolution 2014-5.

The purpose of this plan is to update the Township’s 1993 Comprehensive Plan which was updated previously in 2003.

Excerpt from Plan – “The Comprehensive Plan is both a document and a process.  It is a public policy guide for big picture thinking about the factors that actually make a place to live a community – its land use patterns, housing choices, transportation networks, utility systems, recreation and the coordination to keep ideas moving forward.”

2014 York Township Comprehensive Plan Report(PDF)

Floodplain Management Ordinance

The Ordinance was adopted November 10, 2015. The York Township Floodplain Management Ordinance is available at the link below.

Floodplain Management Ordinance (PDF)

Land Use Assumptions Report

The Report is dated November 7, 2011.

The purpose of the following report is to project the amount of development and land use changes expected to occur within the next ten years in York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Results of this study will be used in other studies such as the Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and for a Capital Improvement Program, all of which are part the Transportation Capital Improvements Plan.

The Land Use Asumption Report was adopted by resolution 2011-14 on November 7, 2011 and is available in whole at the link below:

Entire Report:

Land Use Assumption Report (PDF)

MA & PA Community Greenway Feasibility Study

The Report is dated December 2010.


 The MA and PA Community Greenway Feasibility Study explores the potential of converting approximately 12.4 miles of the former Maryland & Pennsylvania railroad corridor into a recreational trail in seven York County communities. The MA and PA Community Greenway study corridor runs north to south from Mount Rose Avenue in Spring Garden Township to the northern boundary of Felton Borough. The corridor passes through Spring Garden, York, Windsor and Chanceford Townships and the Boroughs of Yoe, Red Lion, and Dallastown. The MA & PA Railroad was a narrow gauge line stretching 77.2 miles from York, Pennsylvania at the northern end to Baltimore, Maryland at the southern end. The railroad tracks in the study area were dismantled between 1986 and 1987.

This study explored the feasibility of converting the former abandoned railroad corridor into a recreation trail. Recent initiatives to develop two recreation trail segments (the Red Lion Mile and Mill Creek Preserve) along the corridor have been successful, and the study explored the legal, physical, and operational feasibility of extending the trail for the full 12.4 mile length.


Executive Summary (PDF)
Study Report (PDF)

Official Map

The Ordinance was adopted August 9. 2011. The Official Map was amended August 13, 2012. The York Township Official Map Ordinances, Map and Narrative is available at the link below.

Official Map Ordinance (PDF)

Recreation Study Report

The report is dated 2015.


 The York Township Comprehensive Recreation, Parks & Greenways Plan creates a vision for the future, not merely a tune-up for what exists today. It defines the Township’s action plan for parks, greenways, trails, and recreation in the 21st century. By developing a strategic approach, York Township is establishing an orderly framework for growing its parks and recreation system in a strategic fashion. Limited resources, a growing population, and increasing demands on parks and recreation combine to show that a broad timeframe for plan implementation is essential. Commitment, time, and investment from public and private partners are essential in order to achieve the kind of community people want York Township to be.

Plan Purpose and Goals

 The purpose of the plan was to develop a document that guides park and recreation activities in York Township with the recognition that parks and open space add to the quality of life of a municipality and attracts residents, businesses, and economic vitality to a community. The plan should provide direction and initiatives on protecting open space, creating connections through greenways and trails and improving recreation and parks.:

Entire Report:

Recreation Study Report (PDF)

Roadway Sufficiency Analysis Report and Capital Improvement Plan

The Reports are dated June 22, 2012.

The purpose of the Roadway Sufficiency Analysis is to determine the improvements that would be required to obtain a preferred level of service for intersections and roadways in the transportation service area of the township for existing conditions, projected conditions prior to land development, and projected conditions after land development.

The improvements identified in the Roadway Sufficiency Analysis report are carried forward to a Capital Improvements Plan in order to identify estimated project costs, schedule for completion, and potential funding sources. In addition, the Capital Improvements Plan establishes the amount of the impact fee on a per peak hour trip basis to be adopted in the impact fee ordinance.

The Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and Capital Improvements Plan report were adopted by resolution 2012-13 on July 10, 2012. Ordinance 2012-6 amending Ordinance 2002-18 establishing and imposing a Traffic Impact Fee was adopted on July 10, 2012. The resolution and Ordinance are incorporated into the reports and are available ivia the links below:

Entire Report:

Roadway Sufficiency Analysis report (PDF)
Capital Improvements Plan (PDF)

Stormwater Management Ordinance

The Ordinance is dated August 9, 2022.


 The York Township Stormwater Management Ordinance 2022-04 is available at the link below. The Ordinance was adopted August 9, 2022.

York Township 2022 Stormwater Management Ordinance (PDF) 

Resolution 2022-08 Fee in lieu of SWM (PDF) 

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance


 The York Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance 2012-9 is available at the link below. The Ordinance was adopted August 13, 2012

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance last amendment 10-28-13 (PDF)

Water & Sewer Authority Specifications

The effective date is December 1st, 2002.


 The York Township Water & Sewer Authority Construction Standards and Specification effective December 1st, 2002 is available at the link below.

YT-WSA-specs-2002 (PDF)

Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

The York Township Zoning Ordinance with map is available at the link below. The Ordinance was adopted September 11, 2012 and amended October 28, 2013.  The map was last amended April 12, 2022.

Zoning Ordinance last amendment 3-14-23 (PDF)

Zoning Map last amendment 9-13-22 (PDF)