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  • You are allowed two yards sales per year. Each permit costs $5.00 for a 1 or 2 day yard sale.

  • Approximately 3% of the real estate taxes that each York Township resident pays each year (.7mills of your real estate assessed value) go to York Township for services that we provide. That means out of a yearly tax bill of $5,000, only $150.00 will go to York Township for police & fire protection, road maintenance, parks & recreation, public welfare and emergency services. The vast majority of your real estate taxes (82% of the total amount that you pay), go to the Dallastown School District with the remaining amount going to York County.

  • As the spring flooding season approaches, the Region III office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reminds everyone to include a key ingredient in their household’s flood safety plan—flood insurance. Flooding is the most costly disaster in the United States. Common flooding misconceptions, oversights and myths can lead to (or compound) disaster. As such, the following are a few myths FEMA wants to dispel in its ongoing effort to help protect lives and property:

    Web Site: FEMA Web News

  • Although the overwhelming majority of the traffic signals are located on state roads, the Township is the owner and maintainer. PennDOT issues a permit that sets the operating conditions (timing, etc.)

  • All Township roads are swept just once after winter maintenance ends. We use two sweepers that run designated routes on the east and west sides of the Township.

  • The property owner owns and maintains the lateral from the house to the edge of the property line. Additionally, the property owner is responsible to keep the line clear to the sewer main.

  • The property owner owns and maintains the curb.

  • Your sewer bill pays for the maintenance and repair of the sewer lines and pump stations within the township and treatment and transportation of all water and sewage that your property discharges to the sewage treatment plants which the Township uses in York City and Springettsbury Township. Your sewer payment does not pay for your water usage. That is billed separately by the Water Company that provides water to your residence.

  • Any pool that holds 24” of water or more will required a building permit. Also a 48” high barrier is required around the pool for any pool that holds 24” of water or more if the pool itself is not 48’ high.