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  • Dew Drop Rd             (S Queen St to Ashleigh Dr.)
  • Ashleigh Dr.               (Acco Dr. to Kreidler Ave)
  • Ivy St                         (Oak St to Oak St)
  • Markey St                   (Cherry St to Church St)
  • Grenlyn Rd                 (Lyndale Dr. to Arlington St)
  • Lyndale Dr.                 (Church St to Grenlyn Rd)
  • Wise Rd                      (Indian Rock Dam Rd to Edgewood Ln)
  • Edgewood Ln              (Wise Rd to Reynolds Mill Rd)
  • West Crestlyn Dr.        (Water tank to cul-de-sac)
  • Chestnut Hill Rd         (Springwood Rd to Woodspring Dr.)
  • Chestnut Ln                (Old Baltimore Pike to cul-de-sac)
  • Croll School Rd          (Days Mill Rd to Overlook Dr.)
  • S Park St                    (Mellinger Dr. to Aldinger Dr.)
  • Mellinger Dr.              (S Park St to Ridgelyn Dr.)
  • Arbor Dr.                    (S Franklin St to Rt 24)

This is a tentative paving list.  Due to ever-changing asphalt oil pricing, this list may change as contracts are awarded.


Street cleaning has begun.  It is a continuous process that does not stop until all streets have been cleaned.  Please be patient. York Township does not clean (maintain) state roads.


Brush is defined as tree limbs, shrubbery, leaves and the like (no grass) no larger than 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length.  York Township accepts brush from York Township residents only as part of our recycling efforts.  Brush recycling is intended to clean up small amounts of debris from residential properties.  The program is not intended to accept large tree removal projects.  Large projects such as removing entire trees should employ the services of a commercial contractor.  If you have large amounts of material to dispose of, please contact York Township first for approval.

The drop off site will remain open only on the weekends from Friday at 3:30pm until Monday morning at 7:00am.  The drop off site is located at the Township Campus beyond the gate between the two signs. Please enter from Oak Road.  Do not enter from Coventry Road for this is a restricted area for Township employees only.

We ask that you participate in this program responsively by not dumping unlawful items at the site. Examples are garbage, metals, concrete, lumber, stumps, stones, grass clippings etc.

Public Works will process the brush into mulch which will be made available to Township residents.  At the present mulch is free on a first come first serve basis.

All other material and items you see beyond the gate are Township property and are not meant for public use. If you see a violation, please report it to the Township or York County Regional Police Department.  The site is under constant video surveillance.


Waste oil is accepted at the Public Works Service Building (lower campus level) Monday to Friday from 7:00am -3:30pm.  Please do not drop off oil after hours.  Accepted waste oil includes motor, cooking & transmission oils.  We do not accept gasoline or engine coolant (anti-freeze).


Just a friendly reminder to the property owners in York Township, it is your responsibility to keep your trees, shrubbery, mailboxes, etc. from protruding past the curb into the street area.  There are many maintenance activities that must occur close to the curb (snow plowing, street sweeping, street paving, trash collection, school bus travel, etc.) which can be impacted by these obstructions.  Overgrown trees and shrubbery can also impact the site distance for the motoring public.  Refer to Ordinance # 2014-5 found on the website for more details.


If you observe what would appear to be an emergency with sanitary sewers, roadways, or storm water facilities, please call the Public Works Department from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday at 741-3861 ext.170.  After these hours or on weekends & holidays dial 911.

Check our website at or call the Public Works Department at 741-3861 ext.170. for questions or concerns.


Click on the link for the York Township Department of Public Works Application / Permit to Excavate within the Public Right Of Way.

Street Cut Permit

revised street permit 2018


2014-5 Trees and Vegetation Ordinance 

2015-3 Brush Drop Off/ Mulch Ordinance

Construction and Material Specs 2015

Contact Public Works Department

717-741-3861 ext.170


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