The York Township Finance Department is responsible for developing township budgets, coordinating internal and external audits of township funds, informal financial reporting, reporting of investments, tracking fiscal spending and administering the sewer utility for the township. The Finance office is also responsible for the collection, safeguarding, deposit and recording of all taxes, utility payments and fee collections for the township.  Here you will find information about budgets, audits, and the current year  tax rates.

Budget Book

The 2023 Budget Book The 2022 Budget was passed by the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 and is available via the link below.  Please note the budget book is very large and may take a long time to view. If you want to download the file right click the link and select save as.

Act 44 Disclosure

Chapter 7-A of ACT44 of 2009 mandates the annual disclosure of certain information by every entity that is a party to a professional services contract with a municipal pension plan. The following document contains York Township’s current disclosure statements from all parties servicing our pension plan.

Download the Act 44 disclosures

Act 44 Disclosure (2022)


Taxes (click here for more information on taxes)


2021 York Township Audit Report

FINAL Audit Rpt 12-31-21 York Township

2021 York Township Water & Sewer Authority Audit Report

FINAL Audit Rpt 12-31-21 York Township Water & Sewer Authority

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