Water and Sewer Authority

The Water and Sewer Authority is responsible for the development of the township’s sewer system. It is in charge of identifying those areas of the township which need to be serviced by either the Springettsbury or York City sewage disposal plants. It owns the sewer system which it then leases to the township for maintenance.

The York Township Water and Sewer Authority meets the third Monday of the month at the York Township Administration office, public meeting room, located at 190 Oak Road, Dallastown PA. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.

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Water & Sewer Authority
Meets 3rd Monday @ 6:30 p.m.
Name and Address Term Expires 5 Year Term Telephone /
Josephine Dick
2878 Candlelight Dr.
York, PA 17402
Ward 1
December 2027
Jamie Reid
855 New School Lane
Dallastown, PA 17313
Ward 2
December 2026
Tom Pinkerton
1802 Stone Hill Drive
York, PA 17402
Ward 1
December 2024
Karen Atkinson
2436 Wildon Drive
York, PA 17403
Ward 3
December 2027
Zane Williams, Assistant Secretary Treasurer
403 Beaumont Road
York, PA 17403
Ward 4
December 2023
Water & Sewer Authority Secretary / Treasurer
Gretchen Tome, Administrative Assistant                    York Township Public Works
194 Oak Road
Dallastown, PA 17313
717-741-3861 x170
Water & Sewer Authority Engineer
Kevin Fox, Gannett Fleming, Inc.
207 Senate Ave
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Web site: https://www.gannettfleming.com/
Water & Sewer Authority Solicitor
Steve Ahlbrandt, Stock and Leader
Susquehanna Commerce Center East
221 West Philadelphia Street, Suite E600
York, PA 17404

Meeting Notice

Public participation in the meetings of the Water & Sewer Authority of York Township is both a right under the Sunshine Law and is encouraged. However, the right of the public to participate is not unlimited. Members of the public must observe the procedural rules of the Township, such as being recognized by the Chair before addressing the Authority, not approaching the dais and not speaking when others are speaking.

Failure to observe these rules of decorum and participation could result in a citation filed pursuant to Section 5508 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, entitled “Disrupting meetings and processions.” A person commits an offense of Section 5508 of the Crimes Code if, with the intent to prevent or disrupt a lawful meeting, procession or gathering, he or she disturbs or interrupts it. Such an offense is a misdemeanor of the third degree, which is punishable by a fine of not less than $250, nor more than $5,000, or imprisonment of not more than 90 days, or both.

Agendas and Minutes Below
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Meeting Agendas posted to this site are to be considered DRAFT at all times. Agendas may change up to right before the start of a meeting. Official meeting agendas may only be obtained in person at the Township Office just prior to the start of a meeting or at the Township Office after a meeting has been held.

Meeting Minutes posted to this site are to be considered Un-Official at all times. Official meeting minutes may only be obtained in person at the Township Office after a subsequent meeting has been held and the previous meeting minutes have been approved.

Recent Agendas

Recent Minutes

WSA_2023-04-17 Agenda .pdf
New WSA_2023-09-18 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2023-08-21 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2023-07-17 Agenda .pdf
WSA_2023-06-19 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2023-05-15 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2023-03-20 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2023-02-21 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2023-01-16 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2022-09-19 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2022-12-19 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2022-11-21 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2022-10-17 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2022-08-15 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2022-07-18 Agenda .pdf
WSA_2022-06-20 Agenda .pdf
WSA_2022-05-16 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2022-04-18 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2022-03-21 Agenda .pdf
WSA_2022-02-22 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2022-01-17 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-9-20 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2021-8-16 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-7-19 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-6-21 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-4-19 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-2-17 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-12-20 Agenda - Cancelled.pdf
WSA_2021-11-15 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2021-10-18 Agenda.pdf
WSA_2023-07-17 Minutes1.pdf
WSA_2023-01-16 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2022-03-21 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2022-10-17 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2022-09-19 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2022-07-18 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2022-06-20 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2022-01-17 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2021-7-19 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2021-11-15 Minutes.pdf
WSA_2021-10-18 Minutes.pdf