2023 Draft Budget Available for Review

The 2023 Draft Budget and Fiscal Plan is available for review for the calendar year 2023 at the Township office or via the link below.   The Board of Commissioners could take action on the 2023 Budget on December 13, 2022.   The Budge book is very large and may take a long time to view. If you want to download the file right click the link and select save as.

The real estate general purpose millage will remain at 1.24 mills. A home assessed at $173,514.96 will pay $215.16 in general-purpose real estate tax for the year.

The Fire Protection Tax will remain at .37 mills in order to cover the Township’s fire protection costs. A home assessed at $173,514.96 will pay $64.20 in Fire Protection tax which will appear separately on their real estate tax bill. This tax is used only to fund appropriations to the Township’s four volunteer fire companies serving York Township.

There will be no increase in sewer rates for 2023. The residential flat rates will remain at $125 per quarter and commercial will remain at $166 per quarter.

Expenditures from all funds total $28,845,032. The General Fund expense budget totals $14,772,478. Total police and fire protection costs represent 49% of the general fund budget operating costs and total $6,588,865 in 2023. The Sewer Fund expense budget totals $7,047,998 in 2023.

General Fund capital expenditures planned for 2023 total $1,865,300 and Sewer Fund capital expenditures planned for 2023 total $839,000.

The proposed 2023 York Township Budget is available for public review beginning November 10, 2022, in the York Township office and on the York Township website via the link above and will be voted on for approval at the December 13, 2022 Board of Commissioners meeting.