York Water Co.- Joppa Road Letter-updated 1/12/17

Please click the link below for the York Water Co. letter.

See update of 1/12/17 below for road closures.

Good afternoon,


Kinsley will need to close the following sections of Joppa Rd. in order to perform the installation of York Waters 36 inch water main safely. These closers will begin 1/16/17 and be reopened and or modified 2/3/17.


  1. Joppa Rd. South of Leader Heights Rd.

·        This section of Joppa will be closed from the South side of Leader Heights Rd. to the north side Family Center for Allergy and Asthma.


  1. Joppa Rd. North of Leader Heights Rd.

·        This section of Joppa Rd. will be closed from address #2521 to the intersection of Homewood Dr. (Homewood Dr. will be open)