Update: Mount Rose Avenue/Route 124 Exit

Under Construction GraphicStarting this Tuesday at 9 p.m…., northbound I-83 traffic near the Mount Rose Avenue/Route 124 exit will be restricted to a single lane and initially shifted to the east, as crews remove the existing concrete median barrier and place temporary pavement in the median south of Route 124. This will create a work zone on the east side of the highway to allow reconstruction of the interstate and bridges. As part of this shift, the existing ramp from northbound I-83 to Route 124 will be permanently closed and the newly constructed off ramp will be opened to traffic early Wednesday morning. Motorists exiting northbound I-83 to Route 124 will then enter a new signalized intersection at Haines Road. Anyone headed to Route 124 will proceed straight through the new intersection, and those accessing Camp Betty Washington Road will turn right. This will eliminate the need for northbound I-83 traffic using Exit 18 to access Haines Road to enter Route 124 and merge left in a limited distance to turn left onto Haines Road. This movement will now be achieved by proceeding straight through two signalized intersections, improving traffic flow.