Upcoming Recreation Events (updated December 10, 2019)

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For more information on all Recreation programs, please visit www.yorktownshiprec.com (external site).


– Winter Discount Tickets coming soon!

– R/C Theater Movie Tickets are available!

                   Gate Price     Selling Price     Savings

Orange*             $10             $7.50              $2.50           

Grey**                $10             $8.50              $1.50

*Orange Ticket (restricted)- This ticket is not valid during the first two weeks of a film’s release or when film/studio restrictions apply.  (See www.rctheattres.com for restrictions).

**Grey Ticket (unrestricted)-This ticket can be used on opening weekends.  Tickets can be upgraded to IMAX, 3D etc. at theatre for an additional cost.

—-R/C Theaters will be accepting Franks Theater Tickets up till January 31, 2020—-

Last updated–December 10, 2019