March 28, 2020 Coronavirus update to all Businesses and Residents

To all York Township Residents and Businesses,

This is a rather lengthy message. Please take the time to read it in its entity. 

During this time of uncertainty, your top priority is the safety and health of yourself and your loved ones. The Township’s top priority is the safety and well-being of our employees and the residents and businesses of York Township.  We have put in place a range of proactive measures to both reduce the spread of the coronavirus and to ensure a continuity of Government and our vital operations. Per the Governor’s declarations, including the recent Stay At Home order for York County, York Township is able to continue to provide municipal services.

Walk-in service to the Township is not available at this time.  Township operations is staffed during normal business hours, and we are responding via mail, email, and phone calls to all requests.   In addition to the walk-up dropbox, a drive-up dropbox has been added in the front of the township building to allow residents or businesses to drop off tax and sewer bill payments, permit applications, recreation program applications and payments or any other general correspondence for the Township. Please do not deposit cash in the drop boxes.   We are also continuing to receive mail via USPS.

For the first time in my tenure at York Township, we and our emergency services (Fire, Police, and Ambulance) are not the primary lead in an emergency and are instead now acting in a supporting role.  Our emergency services are still operational and are responding to 911 calls and York Ares Regional Police Department as well as PSP are patrolling the Township.  Public Works is providing services on an as-needed basis and is available to support the needs of the Township.  Below are several sections of information you may find useful:

Taxes and Sewer Bills
The Federal and State tax filing due date has been extended to July 15th, 2020.  York Township Municipal Taxes are tied to the County tax bill, and the County has the final decision on the extension of any due dates.  The Township has sent an email to the County supporting an extension of the due date in some form.

For businesses, York Township has extended the due date of the Mercantile and Business Privileges Tax from April 15th, 2020, to July 15th, 2020.  The Township encourages businesses to make their payment by April 15th if they are of financial means to do so.

All sewer bills issued March 1st, 2020, will not have a late fee imposed if paid by June 16th, 2020.  All Sewer bills issued April 1st or May 1st, 2020, will have a due date of June 16th, 2020. The Township has discontinued the policy of pursuing water shut off for unpaid sewer bills through June 16th, 2020. The Township encourages residents and businesses to make their payment within 45 days of the bill date if they are of financial means to do so.

Brush Drop Off and Mulch Pickup
The Township will continue to provide for mulch pickup and the brush drop off area will remain open.   Now is an excellent time to clean your yards. Feel free to use the brush drop off and mulch pickup facility once the Stay At Home order is lifted.

Recreation Programs
The Recreation Department is still collecting registration for upcoming programs. For information on how to submit payments and status on future programs and events, please visit our website at or follow us on Facebook at

Permitting and Codes
Per Governor Wolf’s order, the Permits and Codes Department will continue to accept applications, issue permits and do inspections for “life-sustaining” projects (such as health care facilities), residential emergency repairs, and work being conducted in connection with a DCED waiver.  New building permit applications and/or inspection requests for residential or commercial construction projects that are not life-sustaining projects, emergency repairs, or in connection with a DCED waiver will not be accepted until the prohibition is lifted by Governor Wolf.

Please call the Township office at 717-741-3861, x111 if you have any questions.

Emergency Management and where to go for further information
York Township EMA began scaling up our planning and preparation efforts in early February. We have worked continually to help the Township and our residents and businesses plan and prepare for what we knew could be an emergency situation of significant duration. We have relied substantially on information provided by CDC, and that info has proved to be reliable and accurate over the past 6 weeks.

Their web site is updated continually by leaving experts in public health:
          • CDC, Centers for Disease Control ( has a wealth in information for individuals, businesses, healthcare workers, first responders, and other groups. Also,

          • Pennsylvania Department of Health ( is in charge of managing this health crisis in the Commonwealth. They maintain the official statistics for PA and link to any specific public health orders issued by the Governor’s office.

York Township EMA post updates to our Facebook page multiple times daily based on the most current information available from these and other reliable information sources.

Disaster Declaration
On March 16th and March 20th, York Township issued an emergency disaster declaration due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus. This action followed the Governor’s and York County Commissioners’ due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus.  The purpose of the declaration is to permit the Township to obtain any resources necessary to aid in the local response to the coronavirus pandemic and to be eligible for any available State and Federal reimbursement for such extraordinary expenses. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Township via mail, email or a phone call 717-741-3861 x0.  Please use the Contact Us button on the Township home page if you desire to email us. Also, consider signing up for notifications via “Contact Me” on the home page.

We are facing a difficult time right now as a community and as a nation, and we want all of you to Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.  And Stay Home as it is the single best way to avoid exposure to the coronavirus in this period of widespread transmission.

We will provide updated information as conditions warrant it.  Please follow the Township web page at and the Township Facebook page at

March 28Sincerely,
Gary Milbrand
York Township Manager