Leaf Collection 2018

The 2018 Leaf Collection has started. We have the two self-contained trucks out at this time. In the next week or so (when the leaves start falling more) we will have two more crews out collecting leaves.  Residents who wish to participate should place their leaves in piles next to the curb (or at the edge of the street). Do not mix tree limbs, grass, shrubs, hedge trimmings, concrete block, brick or any other foreign material in the leaf pile.  Leaves will not be collected if foreign objects are mixed in with the pile.


I will post the leaf routes daily, which shows where we have been and on what date. We try to follow these list as closely as possible. Be sure to check the bottom of the EAST and WEST list as we will have our one man trucks start at the end of these lists when they are finished with their lists (H-32 and H-41).We cannot give an exact day of pick-up due to weather, equipment breakdown and employee availability. Our crews typically cover every Township property four to five times a season.  Depending on the volume, it may take as long as two to three weeks between visits.  PLEASE BE PATIENT.




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