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June to September 2021 Newsletter

Municipal Campus Upgrade Project

In 2021 the Township is undertaking municipal campus upgrades that will include a new vehicle storage facility for the sewer crew, storm water improvements, updated fueling system and additional security measures.  Gates will be installed to prevent unauthorized entrance to the lower parking lot area (Public Works operations.)

2021 Street Paving / Pavement Preservation

As of March 16th 2021, the following streets were selected to be re-paved this summer.

  • Chapel Way Circle from Jonathon Way N to end. – repave
  • Steeple Ave end to end.- repave
  • Chambers Rd from Camp Betty to Raylight.- repave
  • Mardale from Monument to Ridgefield – repave
  • Pine from Edgewood to end – repave
  • Edgewood from Reynolds Mill to Wise – repave
  • Wise from Indian Rock Dam to Edgewood – repave
  • Joppa Rd from S. George to a point – repave
  • Keyway from Leaders Heights to end.- repave
  • Crossway from Keyway to end.- repave
  • Crossway from Leaders Heights to stop sign – repave
  • Powder Mill from 83 bridge to beyond Cherry St.- preservation
  • Honey Valley from Hess Farm to past pump station – preservation
  • Hess Farm from Ironstone Hill to South Pleasant – preservation
  • Dairyland Dr. from Duke to Country Club – preservation
  • Vireo Rd. – base repair

Due to the timing of this newsletter edition the contracts were not in place and it is possible changes to the list may have occurred.  Please check the York Township website ( after May 31st, 2021 for the final list of streets to be re-paved in 2021.

Residential Brush Drop Off

Brush is defined as tree limbs (no larger than 8” in diameter and 6 feet in length), shrubbery, and bushes.  York Township accepts brush from York Township residents only as part of our recycling efforts.  Brush recycling is intended to clean up small amounts of debris from residential properties. The program is not intended to accept large tree removal projects. Large projects such as removing entire trees should employ the services of a commercial contractor. If you have large amounts of material to dispose of please contact York Township first for approval.

New for 2021 – The drop off site will remain open from dawn to dusk throughout the year.  The site will close from time to time in order to grind up the raw material into mulch.    Follow the web site for updates.  To access the site, use the Oak Road entrance.  Drive through the gate to the designated area just past the power lines on the left.    Do not enter from Coventry Road.  This area is restricted for Township employees only.

Please participate in this program responsibly by not dumping the following:  garbage, metals, concrete, lumber, stumps, tree roots, stones, grass clippings, etc.  The drop off site may close unannounced if abuse is occurring.  Damage to the grinder can and has occurred when items other than brush go through the grinding head.  In addition, please be mindful that the brush drop off site is shared with public works operations and is under video surveillance.

The brush is processed into mulch and will be made available to Township residents when it is ready. The mulch pile is on the left in front of the gate and is on a first come first serve basis.

All other material and items you see beyond the gate are Township property and are not meant for public use.  If you see a violation please report it to the Township or York Area Regional Police Department.  The site is under constant video surveillance.


Waste Oil Collection

Waste oil may be dropped off at the Public Works Service Building M-F from 7:30am -3:00pm. Please do not drop off oil after hours.

Accepted waste oil includes – motor, cooking & transmission.  We do not accept gasoline or engine coolant (anti-freeze).

Obstructions That Overhang The Road

Please be aware that as property owners in York Township you are responsible to keep your property clear from any obstructions that overhang the edge of the road.  Examples include but are not limited to:  tree limbs, shrubbery, hedges, grassy areas, mailboxes, fencing, etc.  Many activities occur close to the curb with large vehicles that can be impacted when these obstructions exist.  Examples include snow and ice removal, street sweeping, street paving, trash collection, school bus travel, etc.).  Overgrown tree limbs and vegetation also impact the site distance for the motoring public which can be a safety concern.   Refer to Ordinance # 2014-5 found on the website for the specific requirements.


If you observe what would appear to be an emergency with sanitary sewers, roadways or storm water facilities, please call the Public Works Department from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday at 741-3861 ext.170. After these hours or on weekends & holidays, please call the on-call Township phone at 717-324-8982 or dial 911.

Check our website at or call the Public Works Department at 741-3861 ext.170. for questions or concerns.

Street Cut Permit

Click on the link for the York Township Department of Public Works Application / Permit to Excavate within the Public Right Of Way. Street cut permit  revised street permit 2018

2014-5 Trees and Vegetation Ordinance 

2015-3 Brush Drop Off/ Mulch Ordinance


Construction and Material Specs 2015

Contact Public Works Department

717-741-3861 ext.170


Contact Public Works Department (Online Form)