Community Recreation Center Survey Findings

We would like to thank those of you who took time to complete York Township’s Proposed Community Recreation Center Survey.  At the July Board of Commissioners meeting, Tom Lepson of Lepson Research Group gave a presentation on the major findings identified throughout the survey.  The purpose of the survey was to allow residents the opportunity to provide insight and feedback as to their support for a new Community Recreation Center. 

Mr. Lepson noted that approximately 2,300 surveys were received which provided a valuable representation of current and future Township recreation facilities and programs.  The following research topics were explored:

  1. Township residents’ attitudes toward the development of a new Community Recreation Center
  2. Residents’ attitudes toward a possible tax increase to finance the development of a new Community Recreation Center
  3. Residents’ perceived benefits that a new Community Recreation Center can bring to the community
  4. Reasons for supporting a new Community Recreation Center
  5. How the Township’s community and recreation facilities are currently positioned in the minds of residents
  6. What communication methods residents would prefer to receive information about the new Community Recreation Center
  7. Appeal of various aspects of the proposed Community Recreation Center currently under consideration
  8. The likelihood of using the new Community Recreation Center once it has been constructed
  9. Reasons for not supporting a new Community Recreation Center
  10. Residents’ awareness of the services and facilities that are currently provided by York Township
  11. Reasons why residents do not currently use the Township’s available facilities

To view the full survey report click here 

Highlights of the Researcher’s Observations/Major Findings from the Proposed Community Recreation Center Survey:

  • A major component of the research was gaining a measurement of support for a proposed Center. Measuring the support for developing a Community Recreation Center within York Township is somewhat complex. When initially asked about their support for developing the proposed Center, the majority of all respondents expressed some level of support for the Center.
  • When the issue of possibly raising taxes to finance the construction of the proposed Center was put forth, the support level between those who generally support the Center and those who no longer support the Center declined to a more even split.
  • The data suggests, if built, there would be a strong possibility for sources of revenue to support the proposed Center’s operating expenses. When asked their interest in renting one of the Center’s facilities, over one-fourth of respondents note an interest in renting indoor and outdoor facilities at the proposed Center.
  • Another viable source of financial support for the proposed Center is revealed when respondents express support for York Township partnering with organizations and businesses, especially those located in York Township.  The majority of respondents favor allowing sports clubs/leagues within York Township to utilize the proposed Center.
  • To assist York Township in the development and design, respondents were provided a list of indoor and outdoor facility features that may be incorporated in the proposed Center and asked to rate their level of interest. The top five indoor facility features include: indoor walking track, wellness/program room, free Wi-Fi, sports courts, and room for parties. The top five outdoor facility features included: paved trails, picnic areas, outdoor track, exercise stations/equipment, and pavilions.
  • Respondents were provided a list of programs and activities that may be incorporated in the proposed Center and asked to rate their level of interest.  The top five activities of interest included:  adult fitness, educational workshops for all ages, programs/activities geared specifically towards seniors, adult programs, and bus trips.
  • Respondents were asked to provide any additional suggestions for features and programs that could be provided at the proposed Center. The top five features and programs of interest included:  indoor fitness center/exercise equipment/gym, outdoor pool/pool, indoor track, paved walking/biking trails, and affordable cost/low/no membership fee.

Over the next several months, the Township will be reviewing the report and working with consultants to determine the Township’s next course of action.