2018 Paving-Update 7/17/18

The 2018 Road Paving starts July 9, 2018. See Departments/Public Works for complete list. Joppa Road will also be paved by York Water Co. sometime this summer. We will update this post as we receive information. Thank You

UPDATE: As of 7/17/18: Clearview Way (done), Craigdan (done), Olney (done), Dade (done), Ark (done) Coventry Rd. ( milling done paving today 7/17/18) S. Franklin St.( milling done paving 7/18/18), Heather & Willow (milling today and paving 7/19/18 and/or 7/20/18) , Acco Dr. (milling 7/20/18 paving Sat. 7/21/18) Croll School and Overlook are to be the last ones paved.  Any questions call 717-741-3861 ext.170.